Breakfast is the most important meal, they say. But how do you prepare breakfast that is healthy and also yummy for a fussy preschooler?

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Try involving him in the choices I bring mine with me to supermarkets and we choose the food to prep for breakfast together. I teach him the right nutrients at the same time but also give him choices that he would like to have for breakfast. Also try including the things he likes with the stuff that is good. For example: if he likes pizza, or burgers I would then Prep mini pizzas and mini burgers Would prepare the pizza sauce with real tomatoes, spinach, carrots and broccoli, blend smooth and use real meat rather than ham or salami etc Burger patties would be home made with very finely chopped celery, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli and mixed together with the minced beef or pork This way I know the ingredients and nutrients that goes in, what he doesn’t know he doesn’t fuss and what he gets is things he enjoys eating

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Hi Joy, I've got an easy recipe. My kids love this. Wrap Those Eggs: 1 flour tortilla shredded cheese 1 egg chopped cooked veggies (optional) -Warm the tortilla and scramble the egg in a frying pan. -On the tortilla, spread out the scrambled egg and veggies (Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers) then cover with shredded cheese. Wrap or roll up the tortilla and serve when cheese has melted. You can cut the wrap in "pinwheels" too. Hope your LO will like it!

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I can add tuna, chopped spinach as well with mayo

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Chicken Tortilla Wrap Ingredient: -Tortilla Wrap -Boiled Breast Meat -Lettuce -Tomatoes -Mayonaise Method: 1)Boiled the Chicken Breast Meat. After fully boiled, use a fork to tear the meat. 2)Chopped lettuce, Tomatoes 3)Use a salad bowl n mixed all the ingredient inside. 4)Lastly add mayonaise to your preferances

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How about french toast? It's simple and has two basic ingredients - eggs and bread. Your kids can either eat it on its own, with a spread of some sort (jam, peanut butter) or with a side of tomatoes and chicken sausages.

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