4mth fussing at bottle

It's been very challenging getting my 4mth coming 5mth to drink recently. He used to drink 150ml every 3.5hrs. Now we feed at 5hrs sometimes he still fuss and makes alot of noise when bottle is near. For a start, he bites on the teat, suck for awhile then he pushes the bottle away w his hands and tongue. We changed teat size also and it doesn't seem to help much. Thought is a leap, but his leap 4 is somewhat ending. Can I start him on puree? Anyone has same experiences and able to share? It's getting so exhausting.

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is baby able to sit up unassisted? if not, don’t start purée yet. or at least clear with PD for green light to start. might be teething that’s why baby feeling uncomfortable or fussy

8mo ago

Not very sturdy. I asked my PD he said is ok to give abit just a few spoonful when he was 4mth but I didn't. So now he's coming 5mth, was thinking if I shld let him try.