Been having very bad headache for the past few days. Ate panadol, bathe and drink plenty of water still doesnt work. What should i do?

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I avoid the light, tv, handphone, and keep applying and massaging the deep relief oil frm YL for relief, and sleep when headache attack. It will automatically recover mayb 1 day later. My gynae said just go his clinic n he will give me mc to rest at home when i have headache. So i guess really no med to cure.

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3y ago

I should try. I keep playing my phone i think thats why. I applied deep relief everytime but deep relief doesnt work on me anymore 😔 maybe i should rest more.

I guess just have more rest and sleep whenever you can. I find sleeping helps me when i am having headaches/migraines. Also i applied an essential based oil on my temples whenever i need throughout the day.

I feel the same way. I have a headache all the time. Even after sleeping. I usually take some pieces of candy/chocolate to make myself feel better. Sometimes it works.

3y ago

I will try eat some candy/chocolate. Thankyou!😊

Plenty of sleep and rest is the only thing that works for me

Sleep.. That's the remedy.

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Go visit your doctor

Take more rest

Sleep more