Did you bathe during your confinement period?

Be honest Mummies 🙄. Yes or No?

Did you bathe during your confinement period?
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yes day and night. its basic hygiene. if I feel sweaty & dirty etc I will get super annoyed. Especially after the massage and with the tummy wrap which lasted for hours. a good shower is what everybody needs.

Yes like usual, at least once in the morning and once before going to bed. I love cold showers but during confinement I shower with lukewarm water.

Of course. With uprising Covid cases, shower is a must. You dont want to spread viruses or unseen bacteria to your baby.

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listened to my confinement nanny... 1st after 2wks with herbs

Everyday ! It’s hygiene esp when breastfeeding

yes. everyday. hair alternate days


of course! day and night!

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Yes but did not wash hair


yes in the morning

Yes. Twice a day