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Based on my last menstrual period, I’m supposedly 7 weeks and 6 days today. But based on the results of my first ultrasound yesterday, my embryo is just at 5 weeks and 6 days (probably, and hopefully, 6 weeks today). I’m a little worried that my baby is growing a little slow? Somebody here had the same case and their babies developed just fine in your mummy tummies?

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I just want to give an update on my condition: silent miscarriage din po ang nangyari sakin. Had the second trans-v 2 weeks after and still no heartbeat. Nag grow sya konti meaning nagkaron ng heartbeat for some time pero tumigil na ulit. I was given meds to relax my cervix, iron for the blood loss, and antibiotics to take once I start heavy bleeding (kasi no spotting at all ako). Natural pong lumabas ang embryo, and 1 week since I started spotting may very light bleeding padin ako until now. Praying to get better soon and have a healthier condition so we could have better chances of conception kasi sabi sakin ng OB after 2 to 3 months of regular period saka pa adviseable magtry ulit

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Ganyan din po yung akin Mommy. Dapat po 6 weeks acoording to my LMP pero 5 wreks lang po siya sa UTZ. Okay naman si baby, 5 months na siya ngayon.

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You are welcome Mommy. Hehe ganyan talaga sobrang nakakainip at nakakaexcite. 😁