My babygirl is 1 years old already and she is only 8kg .. I am curious to know when will she start walking .. How long does it take for her to walk on her own without the use of the furnitures ?

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Every babies starts walking at different age, (averaging) between 12-18 months. Bring her to go for walk frequently helps to strengthen her legs muscles. My LO walk without support at 12 months.

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It can happen at any time, without any warning. My first suddenly got up from a sitting position, and then toddled 4-5 steps towards me. She had been cruising for some time before this though.

Hi, Your baby should start walking anytime now a this is the suitable time but don't worry if it is a bit delayed as the growing pace of every baby is different

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Anytime. Every babies are different. The earliest I saw was at 11 months. My lo can walk without support at 15 months


anytime now. my baby start walking at 13 month