Toddler tip toe walking

Hi all, my girl is 21months old and she still tip toe walking most of her times causing her to lose balance and fall. How can I kick away this habit. I've been reminding her to walk the right way but it doesn't seems to help.

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I did my research on google too on this topi . It seems normal. But if she tip toe more often than normal walk, it could be another problem with the muscle. But its normal for below 2years old. Maybe can refer to paed if youre worried.

2y ago

okay thanks mummy. i'll check with PD on next visit.

Did she use a Walker when she was younger? Walker might be the problem.

2y ago

Shouldnt even have used Walker!! No pd would recommend Walker because this is what happens try to let her walk around more at home! I’m not sure how to rectify this issue should consult pd or google!