Tell me about your baby's weight and give birth by what method

Baby's weight 3.6kg at gestation 37w4d..big?

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Super Mum

3.09kg, 39weeks+0days, normal vaginal delivery 3.36kg, 39weeks+5days, normal vaginal delivery In Singapore, the average birth weight is 2.5-3.5kg, but it’s not impossible to push out a baby that’s 4kg. It depends on the pelvis of the mummy, plus whether labour progresses well, and of course, you’ll need a lot of strength and perseverence to push. Because it may be a little more difficult, with possibility of bigger tear at the perineum, your doctor may suggest a C-section if baby is pretty big. But if you still want to try for normal vaginal delivery, you should let your gynae know:)

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2y ago

Regardless of your delivery method, it’s going to be an amazing way to meet your LO! ❤️ Congrats in advance!!