8 month Sleep Regression

My baby is turning 8 months old in a few days and I suspect that she's having sleep regression right now on top of teething. She's been waking up every single night for at least 2-3 times while crying miserably. Whenever I put her back to her bed asleep, she'll wake up in the next 30mins - 1 hour. I've noticed that if I co-sleep with her instead, she can sleep till the morning (about 3 hours from the last awake time during midnight). She was in the middle of sleep training previously and everything was going well before everything went haywire and I'll probably need to restart the entire sleep training again. Is it advisable to just let her co-sleep with me during this sensitive period of hers so she can find some comfort from teething pain + sleep regression?

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I too experienced sleep regression with my little one. I did not move her into my bed, and pulled thru the 2-3 week period. Glad I did, because 4 years later, she’s happily asleep in her own room, own bed at sharp 9 pm every night, no questions asked

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2mo ago

I see! In that case probably I should stop doing that just in case it turned to a habit 😂