is this normal? help me mummies!

hello mummies, my baby is now almost 8 months old. her bedtime is usually around 9.30pm and she will sleep till 8-9plus in the morning. however for the past 2-3 days she has been waking up at 6plus in the morning and after feeding her, she refused to head back to bed. kept crawling and trying to stand in her bed. she only fall back asleep at around 7plus, and that is cause i put her in the “yao lan”. is there any other ways (already tried carrying her, patting her and she almost fall asleep but then suddenly awake again to play) i can put her back to sleep instead of using the “yao lan” cause i dont want her to get used to it...

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Super Mum

My daughter also used to practise her new “skills” in the middle of the night when she was supposed to fall back asleep. I felt it was like sleep regression. Perhaps doing what you usually do for your bedtime routine may help her to fall back asleep. And when you feed her, do it in the dark, keep the room quiet, and pat her gently to signal that it’s not time to wake up yet.

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4y ago

yeah i think its sleep regression. but idk if the waking up so early part is still part of the sleep regression or not. cause before this, she was waking up every 2 hours crying and only fall asleep in my arms... and when i put her back to bed she cries again. and 3 days later which is now, she sleeps through the night but wakes up way too early. its like she only have abt 8-9 hours of sleep and i think for babies theyre supposed to have at least 10-12 hours of sleep... but when i put her in the “yao lan” she sleeps till 10am. i just hope theres other way of making her fall back asleep as i dont want to rely on the “yao lan”...