Going 3mth baby teething?

My baby is turning 3mth next week. He used to drink 110-120ml per feed but recently having poor appetite drinking only 60-70ml per feed. Even so, I have to kind of ‘force’ him to drink as he always fuss and reject the bottle or use his tongue to push the bottle teat to the side and bite. Not sure if he’s teething as he’s been drooling quite a bit, always trying to suck/bite his hand and have been waking up more in the wee hours. I am worried he’s not drinking enough. Anyone face the same issue?

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Same! My baby is now 3.5 months and he also started to drool alot frm a month ago. He also fusses with bottle. Initially, I thought he lost his appetite too which is very strange as he has been a big eater. He used to be able to drink 150-180ml per feed but upon rching 3 months, only drank abt 100ml. Took me awhile to figure out what's wrong. I tried changing his teat 1 level up. Slightly less fussy but still rejected his bottle. He's ok breastfeeding tho so I thought he's developing a preference for breasts over bottle. But I continued to give him bottle as I need to go bck to work soon. So I tried to let him have a longer break during bottle feeding. I warm up his bottle again for a while and later he drank it till the last drop. So now when we give him bottle, I let him finish 100ml first , break 10 min to warm up bottle again, then feed another 50-80ml. He still fusses a lil but not as much as before. Our PD said the drooling and hand sucking are normal, may not exactly be teething. Babies at this age are starting to discover their hands so don't worry abt it. I just put a bib on him all the time.

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2y ago

Thanks for replying! Yes same, he’s okay with latching too. I did offer the bottle to him again after a break but he will only drink additional 10-20ml at most. At times, I just latch him worrying he’s not drinking enough. I really hope this is just a passing phase only.