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Hi , mummies ... just wanted to share that today is my first time giving my 7mo girl cerelac mixed with mashed papaya and her fm milk thru her feeding bottle ... im not sure if this is okay ... i tried to feed her abit of mashed papaya in a bowl but she ate little .. i tried mixing with her cerelac wheat and honey (if im not mistaken the flavour) with the leftover papaya but she rejected .. so my last resort is to feed her all that in her fm milk ... have anyone tried this before ...?

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Why not try to spoon feed? 7 month old baby can be spoon fed already. Otherwise see if she’s interested in self feeding It will be messy but if they are ready they will enjoy eating solids and not rejecting them as time goes by. You can try avocado. Usually baby loves avocado. Try other fruits too like apple. Honey should not be given to baby below 1 year old.

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2y ago

thank you mummy but the honey was alr premix with wheat . its cerelac ... have fed her strawberry before .. she seems to love it but have to supervise , hahaha ...