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Hello. My baby is 6months and 4 days.. Its been 4days since i tried feeding her avacado puree, pumpin puree, carrot puree and cerelac. But she just does not want it at all. She will spurt it out all the time. Should i be concerned? And her formula milk intake has increased since. Please help.

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Tt's normal as baby is not used to the taste. My PD gave the green light to let my baby who was 4 mo old then have some rice cereal with breastmilk but he also spat it out at first. PD advised to start with small portions first and also let baby suck on some real fruits/vege, let her hold the fruit so as to make her curious abt it and she'll auto taste it. So tt's what I did, cut up big chunks of avocado and let my boy hold it. Yes, messy but it made him want more. It's actually called baby-led weaning which is highly encouraged. My baby now 5 months loves sucking on pumpkin and avocado as it is. I'm also slowly giving him in puree form mixed with some breastmilk and he seems to like it too.

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