Baby sucking hands!

My baby sucks his hands- is this ok? Should I be worried

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Yes, it’s very very common. In fact many babies do suck their thumb or fingers at any point of their lives, some did them when they were bigger but mostly did that when they were infants & toddlers. It does becomes a habit if adults don’t try to change them slowly and it takes some time to do this, so pls be patient with this new habit. Usually the sucking actions make them feel comfy and soothing enough to calm themselves to be quiet and can nap much easily. My own kid sucked her thumb for about 6 to 8 months and has stopped by herself when she turned 1 year old plus.

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Yea, its fine. Sucking can be a sign that a baby is ready for a feed, but babies may suck a lot on their fingers and hands when they are not hungry. This reflex can also cause them to suck on their fingers and hands. This sucking is usually not a sign that a baby is not getting enough milk.

Yes, aside from teething, in psychology they call this the oral stage where babies get gratification through their mouths and therefore uses it to explore the world around them(including their body parts which they’re just discovering)

Yeah, why not? My son doesn't like pacifier, so eats his fingers instead. In fact I think if you read up on it, it comes recommended in comparison to pacifiers since pacifiers can get lost or drop, and needs to be sterilised 😊

My one month old son does the same sometimes but I've tried to give him a pacifier instead but he rejects it, this little man only likes to be fed🍼🤱... he already has his own character.🤣😊

Its way of comforting their need to make sure that the hands are clean so keep on washing the hands of your baby or make sure to wipe it specially when someone is touching the baby's hand.

yes, sucking hand or finger is ok if they are clean but once they start licking finger, you have to ensure no one feed them kfc haha

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sucking hands is okay, but baby suck his fingers or hands are not for the sake of fun, either the baby is hungry to feeling distress hence a pacifier would help avoid SID.

Mine’s too.. i know its normal for babies but im starting to feel worried as it might be a habit till he grow up.. and by then it will be difficult to kick the habit..

out of topic po ito. Ask ko lang if naka experienced kayo nong 1 month old baby niyo na no poop within 7 days then ang baho ng utot niya. Pure Breastfeeding po siya..