My baby just started walking. We're looking to buy proper shoes for her. Shoes that will not cause her to have blisters etc. Stride rite or clarks? Why? You're welcome to intro other brands to us too :)

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Stride rite for younger kids, Clark's when they are older

I got stride rite since it was highly recommended by experience mummies friends

For babies who are just beginning to walk, pedidped, Bobux and stride rite are the best. The soles are made specifically for their feet. When they are older you can consider Clark's.

Carters is good and not as expensive relatively..

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Stride Rite or Skechers!

Got from kiddy palace, can try on too

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Pediped !!

best thing let it try barefoot so dat he cud experience his own feet touching on the ground n felt wht wht the textures hurry to buy shoe.

I love the Mickey/Minnie/Hello Kitty shoes sold in Kiddy Palace as they have very soft transparent soles. My kids wore those when they started walking and have no problem with that. It's 29.90 per pair if I didn't rem wrongly.

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Our family has been buying Stride Rite for little darling at home. He loves all his shoes.