Neck lines and darkening

Any pregnant mama gotten neck lines/folds and darkening around rim of neck? No amount of scrubbing is helping, it looks so ugly and I feel depress. Also anyone experiencing skin itching and peeling on the cleveage due to switch and oil buildup

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It's a pregnancy thing and for my first 2 children I had these dark areas and it goes away after birth.. This 3rd pregnancy I only have dark underarms. Sigh hehehe. Pregnancy comes with so many surprises.

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This is beCause of hormonal changes, it happens to my my 1st pregnancy after delivery few days it’s gone

Yes around my neck folds and underarms, skin darkening is very obvious. I scrub regularly but no use...

unfortunately due to your hormones it causes the skin to darken.. moisturize your skin regularly

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I use lemon scrub on the neck & folds.. then apply lotion to the area.

it's pretty normal and it will go away after giving birth. no worries! :)