Baby having high fever.39.7. Doctor only give open airway medicine and fever. What should i do?

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Sponge with a damp towel (room temp water) every 15min. Feed baby regularly and ensure baby’s drinking milk well. Monitor the activity level and mood (baby should still be active/alert when the temp comes down) Check the temp hourly. If the temp doesn’t come down within 1-2 days despite the fever meds, or baby is lethargic or not feeding well or has seizures, may need to go to Children’s emergency.

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3y ago

Thanks for the info. I will take note. Hopefullyy tmr is alroght

Hey, I would suggest that please observe fir one more day and if fever is still not down then please consult the PD immediately

3y ago

Yup. Wednesday his fever recover but ysts slight fever again. Then this morning is ok

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Best to bring your baby back to the pediatrician if the fever doesn't subside soon

3y ago

If better now. Still observing.thanks

Super Mum

Listen to e doc