Suggestions formula milk for newborn

My baby having diarrhoea eversince changed to Lactogen 1. Before this he was having Dumex Dulac but he got constipation. So any suggestion of formula milk?

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We started with Nan Optipro HA FM and everything is ok but at about 2 months+ my baby started to have watery greenish poo that lasted for a few days so we immediately changed it to S26 FM and everything is ok so far. She is 4 months+ now.

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I gave my baby enfamil and everything's so far so good since newborn till now 4 months old. Poops regularly daily at least once a day or sometimes twice a day. Previously on similac but got runny stools

my baby girl feeding on enfamil since newborn, till now 5mth old still feeding on enfamil, u can purchase a smaller can for yr baby to try

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Nan if not isomil (soy milk) Buy a small bottle to try first. Trial and error. My first boy change 3 times

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How did u change his milk? Literally changed or mix first?

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Then tht is the reason to it. As u are suppose to mix first. 😊 Like example 3/4 old milk with 1/4 new milk then slowly half of new and old milk then fully new milk. If you literally change will result in diahorrea and at this point i guess your baby must be crying n feeling uncomfortable. U must be extremely worried mummy.

Enfamil works for my LO

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