Baby prefers helper to us - the parents!

My baby girl turned 5mths old and she’s growing very attached to our helper who has been taking care of her for 3mths now. Our girl will always look out for her and cry uncontrollably when we carry her until our helper takes over, this is especially so when she’s sleepy and wants her to carry her to sleep - then her cries stops magically. I’ve just returned to work and I’m extremely upset & hurt by this. What can we do? Our helper is doing a great job but at the same time I feel hurt and upset that my baby treats me like a stranger and we don’t want to be overly reliant on our helper as well - Upset 1st time mother :(

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sometimes u must feed your baby play with her because babies will know the people who does that always

bond with her daily no matter how tired you are

Same here, same feeling too!