Baby sleep 5 hours continously

My baby girl is now 1 months 17days. She can sleep for 5hours continously without drinking milk. Is this normal?

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It’s normal if NIGHT time ! Nothing to worry! Babies hungry will cry they not dumb! So no need to worry! But the only problem is if 5 hours straight in the DAY TIME then baby might have difficulties recognising DAY & NIGHT! Usually I’d use COLD towel to wipe my baby face then tummy time in DAY TIME max sleep 6 hours in the DAY time! My baby had no difficulties recognising day and night

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My baby is opposite of yours. She is also one month plus but she doesn’t nap at all :( if not she will nap for 30 mins and wake up. I am worried night she wakes up every 2-3 hr for milk.

pls dream feed your baby as my baby had this issue before and end up he had dehydration and develop fever..