1 month baby sleep and milk time

Hi, #1stimemom here. Should i wake my baby up for milk or if she sleep 5 or 6 hours straight i can just feed her when she cries for it?

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I would say depending on your baby. My girl I tried to feed on demand but as she was a smaller sized baby, the pd suggested us to feed her when the time is up. And I tried for about 1 week to feed on demand, she won’t even wake up to drink even if she’s hungry. So we just feed on schedule.

feed on demand when the baby is asleep but feed on schedule when they are awake playing . if not add more protein food like fish or minced meat into their meals for the baby.

If your baby has cleared jaundice, no need wake baby . Your baby will let you know when she is hungry. If baby still has jaundice, feed 3hrly

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I prefer to follow baby’s cues! So feed on demand.

I fed on demand

feed by demand