My baby vomits milk when she sleep half way, is this normal?

My baby (2 months) vomit milk every time after feeding , is this normal? And she sometime vomits milk half way sleep , is this normal?

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put her on incline sleeping pod after burp. if too excessive, can request puke med from pd. my 2nd boy got this prob for 2 weeks plus at 2 mths. now is much much better at 4 mth old

Super Mum

Hey mama! May I suggest keeping baby upright for a while after feeds? A good 45min maybe? I find it helps

1y ago

Ok , I will try , thanks alot

after feeding, burp her gently and keep her up right in at least 40° angle

keep baby side. some babies vomit milk after sleep. burp baby well


did you burp your baby after milk?

1y ago

Hi, yes , and we also carry her uptight around 30 mins but ....should I cut her milk vol?