8 months solids

Hi. My baby is born small at 2.6kg. Now she is 8 months. But she doesnt seem to like eating solids. I tried different types of foods and fruit purees/fingerfoods/snacks and chicken/salmon/veggies but she just doesnt seem interested in solids at all. How do i go about this? She is definitely at a low weight. Please help.

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Don’t worry too much from now till 1yo they main food source is milk, not solids. Give your lo a little more time. My girl is also born small 2.5kg, when she was discharged her weight is only 2.4kg. Up till now 14 mos, her weight is constantly at 3rd percentile which the pd say it’s ok so long as her weight is constantly increasing and within the percentile. She only started to be interested in solid like suddenly around 10-11mos? Before that getting her to eat solid is like a torture for her and it took me close to 2hrs to let her finish her solid (sometimes she doesn’t even finish).

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