Are we allowed to do confinement in hotel with nanny around

Baby EDD on May 2022 but we probably need to move out as current houses doesn’t have enough space. Just curious if we can book a hotel and doing confinement there? Anyone with experience on this? FYI, we did look for confinement but mostly all of them are occupied or being too expensive 30k+ Any comments will be appreciated

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Super Mum

They will surely allow as long as you pay the money. However, staying in a hotel for a month is not cheap either. There are lots of problems to think about if you were to stay in hotel. Where will your baby and nanny sleep if you were to stay in a hotel? Your baby will need to re-adapt again back in your house after staying in the hotel for a month. How about the food? How is the confinement lady going to cook? Too many to list out. ..

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