Stage 1 Formula

My baby currently 3m old. Since from his born to now I let him drink emfamil stage 1 formula. But is half formula half breast milk. So far is no problem until currently the stool start watery and smell sour. Can mummy advise to me So I need to change the formula? Any brand mummy can recommend for me?

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Super Mum

Actually all poo is smelly. Haha. And even with breast milk, the poo is also watery. What’s important is that baby drinks well, doesn’t have tummy discomfort, and that the frequency of poo is not causing baby to be dehydrated. How many times does your baby poo in a day? How heavy is baby now? Growing well? How much is baby drinking every day?

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3y ago

OK. Thank you!

I change from enfamil to nestle Nan. So far no problem. I also feeding LO half fm and half breastmilk

Super Mum


3y ago

Similac very smelly