Can't Sit Still

My baby is 8months and 5days now. He is very active, always on the move to get something he can hold. He can now stand on his own when holding on to something, but the problem is, he can't sit still. If I put him on his buttocks, he leans forward, or he drops sideways, is this normal or my baby just can't behave and always wants to move?

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Ganito baby ko noon mamsh mas nauna pa nyang natutunang tumayo at gumabay kesa gumapang at umupo. Bigla na lang nya natutunan umupo at gumapang few days after nya matutunang tumayo at gumabay. Encourage mo lang sya

2y ago

Thank you mamshie. Baka need ko sya e.practise din na mgbehave, I let him do whatever he wants kasi basta lang safe siya at hindi nakakasama sa kanya.

Sabi mo naman po... masyadong active si baby. Pero normally, sitting muna bago walking...

2y ago

Uo nga mamshie, sit muna bago walk, Pero baka ma.change pa through constant practise.