My baby is 8 months old now. She will have a few mouth of rice cereal then after that the cereal will be in her mouth and she refuse to swallow and the cereal start to flow out of her mouth. Drinking milk has no problem. Have also tried thick porridge she refuse to swallow and cough it out. Do anyone experience this?

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Hi if this has been going on for quite some time you may want to seek help from a PD who can recommended a therapist to work on this? Is it because the food is too thick and hard to swallow? Maybe have to make it of a more watery consistency. I also encourage you and family to eat together with baby so she can observe and learn to swallow and chew. Have you tried to put food in your mouth and chew and swallow for her to imitate? My gal was not really interested in food for a period of time and I tried to do BLW by giving her food like broccoli to hold on her own and eat. It makes eating more fun and enjoyable for them and suddenly one day she started to enjoy meal time and I stop BLW after that because it is just too messy. I went back to giving her porridge. But my point is perhaps let her try to enjoy playing with food first? Keep trying and I believe she will be able to do it soon!

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