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Hi, my baby is 4 days old now.. however I realise the moment he was born, he cry for the longest time and could not soothe him. And whenever he is hungry , he cry so loudly and no matter what, I can’t soothe him. Is it normal? Why is he not listening l or responding to my soothing ?

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Hi mama!Am a first time mama too! And I agree with mamas here that swaddling works dang well; changes in temperature irks my little one so he screams when it gets real cold or too warm. First time parents guilt do get us when our babies cry... we keep trying to forgive ourselves for learning. Things do get better when you learn to read cues, and your little one will feel the effort. All the best mama!

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Hi mummy, you also need to remember that baby is still adjusting to the outside world, everything is very new. I remmeber mymm baby during newborn spent 95% of his newborn days crying. Esp the first few weeks, crying for hours. Literally from night till dawn. It does get bettrr

i remember when my son came home from the hospital at day 4, he cried from 3am to 6am. unable to soothe him at all, as the change in environment was 'too much' for him. it will get better after awhile, but like the other comment - swaddle your baby!!!!! it works magic

It’s normal for baby to cry loudly when hungry, so try to catch the timing before baby is too hungry until cry e.g mine was hungry usually 1.5 hours at that stage.. hang in there! Can try to rock and swing and say shhhh

As he grows, you will be able to observe hunger cues, preprep the milk when he starts showing hunger cues (for mine, she smacks her lips and whines a little).

Your baby is new to the world. However sometimes it can also means colic. Have a lot of strength and patience during this 4th trimester!

just to clarify, do u mean that he continues crying even after being fed? or just that he cries while waiting for milk?

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remember to swaddle him as he is trying to adapt to the outside world compare to the snug womb that he used to live in!!

make sure he is peeing and pooping

Thank you mummies !