Hello mummies, how much weight did you lose since you have given birth and how Long does it take to lose all of pregnancy weight gain?

My baby is 2.5kg however when I got home after delivery and weighed myself I had only lost 1.5kg? Is that even possible?

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Hey there, let us not be too fixated and stressed about bouncing back. Getting back to our pre-baby sizes has been too sensationalized and popularized by social media. When I went home, I weighed myself and too was shocked, I had a 3.2kg son and the scale read 61.4kg (was 64.3kg at the last weigh in). Let us all take care of our mental and physical health, and after all, stress might affect our milk production. 2 days after delivery, I had a photoshoot and my belly was still protruding out like it was a 24 weeks pregnancy. I did not want the thoughts and worries of how I’d look to consume me and just appreciate the fact that I had just given birth and it was a safe home for my healthy baby. I decided to memorialize and thank my tummy for carrying my baby well to full term.

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