Didn’t lose much weight after birth

Hi mummies, I just gave birth to my baby and she is 3.4kg, and I thought I would lose at least 4kg immediately after popping her out since her weight + amniotic fluid + placenta would add up. However when I weighed myself right after, I found out I only lost 1.5kg!! Has this happened to anyone?

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Yes happened to me 4 weeks ago. Baby was 3.3kg and I weighed myself when I was discharged two days later, realised I only lost 2kg?! 🤷‍♀️ my reaction was Same like yours, super bizarre! I’m now 4 weeks post partum and lost another 9kg. It is definitely water retention in the first week or so. Post natal massage will help tremendously in getting rid of water retention.

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7mo ago

Ah!!! Ok yes forgot abt water retention! My feet and ankles are suuuper bloated. Thanks now it makes more sense 😅

I dropped ard 3kg after delivering..but gained back after 2 mths!! Sad

7mo ago

Hahaha handling the stress.. taking sugared stuff is killing me!