My baby is 25 days old, shld I wake her up for feed or let her sleep through the night?

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it's important to feed her frequently. This might mean occasionally waking your baby for a feeding, especially if she sleeps for a stretch of more than four hours. Once your newborn establishes a pattern of weight gain and reaches the birth-weight milestone, however, it's generally OK to wait for feedings until he or she wakes up.

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Let her sleep. Don’t have to wake her up. Unless her jaundice Level is still high, then you might wanna wake her up to drink milk then

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No need let nature takes it's course... when baby awake then feed. You need plenty of rest too. Baby sleep... mummy also better rest...

Babies know when they are hungry. I would suggest let her sleep when she wants. Also ask your doctor in your next visit.

let her sleep. If she is hungry she will wake up for milk. usually young babies will wake up for milk.


Babies have their own honing device and will automatically cry when hungry.

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Yes, if she can sleep through let her sleep unless she still have jaundice.

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Let her sleep. Unless she has jaundice then wake her up for feed.

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Do let her sleep. If she's hungry she will definitely wake up(:

I would let her sleep. They usually wake when they are hungry.