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Baby is 19mths old . She could roughly understand what is going on through our action and some key words . When brought to mil place , sometimes she would jokingly or wanna try to scare my child by using the cane to hit on something and telling her she would beat . Can tell that she is afraid and i do not want her to get the ideal of her not doing something wrong and mil want to beat her and so on ... i do not like it and do not want to introduce violence to my child at such at young age especially she doesnt really understand everything . She would also start to do this hitting and scolding action when my child start to whines when shes feeling scared and cranky at her place . And secondly , my child will imitate and do this to her friemd in playground. And it happens before , luckily the parents of the kids is understanding despite there were injuries. But i guess she just dont understand ... my husbamd know what i dislike but just turned to me to look at my reaction . He is just happy tht his mother playing with her. And they also encourage habit like watching tv , and phone to her when at home i does not even allowed her to start such a habit for her own good . Husbamd does not try to stop even though he knows all these . In the end , all the taking care of the child and consequemces i have to bare in raising the child . They just spoilt the child just like that . Mqybe they think its nothing , but in the long run its gonna leave an impact ... Somehow i think mil knows becus she always look at my facial expressiin and telling me she just playing with her amd so . I just did not smile and show im unhappy ahout this type of behavior everytime she does this . When baby cry , she will just say , oh mybe shes hungry , u didmt feed her enough milk or ask me bck what happen... Ive to take care of my child all the way for several hours , while husband just lays around the house . So on sunday , ive to cleaned up my house and all the laundry and tale care of my kid and all to prepare for monday working . Im really tired.... And husband refuse to go bck to my parent house. And fair enough alternate week to g back to own parent house together? But it seeems like every week to his mum place .. This makes me really reluctant to go to mil place everyweekend... What can i do ahout this ? ...

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Super Mum

i think you have to tell your mil straight up not to do that and it's not funny. it'll definitely affect the child.your child your way. period. if she does that again, you can probably carry your child away and say something to counter what your mil no one is going to hit you or you did nothing wrong.

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