My baby is 1 year and 3 months. Eating solids na pero after a full meal he still wants to latch to feed. Normal ba yun?

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Ganyan din yung ibang anak ng mga kaibigan ko. I guess it’s normal. Madami kasing possible na dahilan – maybe he is still hungry, or thirsty or he doesn’t consider it a meal if walang breastmilk, or he just needs comforting. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong if you breastfeed him pa din. Magstop naman si baby kapag busog na.

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Yes, this is normal, at least in my case. It could be that your baby is thirsty or because they just miss the comfort of breastfeeding. It may also be a force of habit. No cause to worry. :) You can still breastfeed even when you're baby has started eating solids already.

Dumadaan sa ganyang stage ang ibang toddlers. But you still have to encourage him to eat kahit in small servings. Kung ayaw ng rice, kahit fruits or cereals and milk.