Reading to your child

At what age did you stop reading to your child at bedtime? #reading

Reading to your child
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I've been doing it since day 1. And I don't want to stop. I enjoy each and every moment of it. Maybe I'll stop when they start making noise. Ahaha

Why would you want to stop? Useless mother. So quick to try and stop doing all the bonding things so fast. Selfish cow

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What’s wrong with you? Why do u have to bully this mum?

I guess it would be okay to continue reading until one day he/she doesn't requires you to do so? I look at it as a bonding session with my child and I really enjoy it a lot. I do hope it do not stop soon as I'm always afraid of him growing up too fast.

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My boys are 5 and we have been reading to each other since they were a few months old. It's fun and I don't think we will ever stop this routine

My boy is 7 now but we still read him a book. At times, he reads to us. But we will continue to have bedtime story every night.

I Will read for them until they ask me to stop reading. :)

My daughter is 6 years old and I still read books to her before bedtime

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It is up to you when you want to stop reading. once they reading on their own. actually I miss that bonding time with my elder one.

up vote 21As a teacher, parent, I can tell you that there is no end to the benefits of reading to your children. I would encourage that you continue reading aloud with your children even into high school. Beyond the valuable bonding time it provides you with your child it allows for a number of educational benefits. First, even when a child can read, they need to keep building skills such as fluency which can be learned from hearing stories read aloud. Additionally, it sets the tone that reading is important. Being a reader is the number one predictor of student success. If you encourage your child to be a reader and show them it is so important that you take time every day to do it with them, it sends a powerful message to you kids. There is no need to use a bunch of different voices to effectively teach your kids to be readers. I have been reading to my daughter since before she was born and I have every intention to continue reading to her until she is grown and leaves our home.

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I stop reading is they go to school