At what age can a child learn to swim?

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Generally, a baby can start learning swimming any time. However, it is advised to introduce your baby into a usual swimming pool after 6 months old. To prepare your baby for swimming, you can first try submerging your baby’s body in a tub at home while supporting his/her head. This is to get them comfortable with being submerged with their faces out of the water. I’ve heard good reviews of Aqua Bambinos. Lessons are held in their indoor pool where the water temperature and chlorine levels are monitored. They have infant classes for infants from 6-12 months old. You can sign up for a trial class if you are interested. Location: 45 Burghley Drive The last I’ve heard, each lesson is $28 (but it could have gone up) and the ratio of teacher to parent-child is kept at 1:6.

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Babies are natural born swimmers! During the last baby fair at Singapore Expo, I signed up for a trial class for my son who will be 7 months by then. I signed up with Litttle Splashes Swim School for $45 per lesson. They have their own heated private pool which I found was important. Each lesson is about 30 minutes long and I planned to sign my 7 year old daughter as well. I haven't gone for the trial (in mid Feb) but I've heard rave reviews from other mummy friends who have attended.

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Infant baby swimming lessons are one of the loveliest experience you can have. Don't miss it!


3months old onwards. check out aquaducks.

Any time really.