Piano learning age

At what age can kids start to learn piano? Is age 3 too young?

Piano learning age
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For young children, learning in group will be more motivated and condusive. After completio of group piano lessons, you can find a private piano teacher when they turn older. I would like to recommend Music For Young. They have programme for young kids, starting from age 3, Sunrise Program. It lays the foundation of basic music theory before proceed to piano lesson in the next level, i.e. Sunshine program. After completion of all the program levels (Moonbeam is the last level), the students are able to take Grade 2 piano examinations. However, the lessons are conducted in group and parent accompanied. Alternatively, there is Yamaha music program for kids who turn 4 years old. It trains ear hearing and listening. This is also conducted in group setting and parent accompanied class.

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I would say 6 is a good age to start. Their fingers may be too tiny to reach the keys at 3! Haha. I started at 6 and my fingers are long because of the stretching (!).

3 is pretty young. you can let him explore the piano and learn on his own timetable. For formal classes 5 is a fine enough age.

At 3 perhaps too young to sit continuously and be able to have a half hour formal lesson I think. 5 would be the right age.

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3 is too young. Earliest is 4. Community centre recommends 6. That age they can sit still and focus better


Definitely 3 is too young for formal piano lessons.


mine started at 4yo