Baby rapidly moves

Assalamualaikum / Hi. Is it normal to have a baby moving 24/7? Ok, not every second. But the baby moves and stops for a while and keep on moving. Even masa mommy tidur. #needhelp #34weekspregnant

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It’s ok don’t worry. Healthy baby moves a lot. 😅 my baby movesssssssss really a lot since I first felt him at 18 weeks. First baby too. Now I’m 37 weeks. I do kick counts everyday and will complete 10 moves before hitting the 12 mins mark. My hubby said especially when I sleep, my baby boy will throw a party in my belly. Don’t worry ! Just make sure to do detailed scan and ask from time to time where’s the location of the umbilical cord to be safe. Have fun and good lucky mummy !

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Kalau cukup 10 gerakan awl sangat pon bhya jgk sis..better refer dr

3y ago

Tq puan. Huu, first experience yang baby actively moving. Anak first dulu dia gerak normal.