Asking on behalf of friend: what brand of running shoes are suitable for young kids? her child just turned 2 and enjoys the great outdoors. thanks dads and mums!

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My 2yo has had Skechers since the past one year. They are really light and support her ankle well. You should look for sports sneakers that support their ankles since kids this young run around a lot and are at a risk of getting their ankles twisted. Recently, we've been thinking of sizing up her shoes and came across Striderite -- they're also not too expensive and support her feet well.

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My friends all use striderite for their kids. No crocs most certainly seems to be the general rule. But particularly running shoes: they really are not running all that fast at that age are they? Clarks? I guess any regular sports brands should be ok too.

Thanks Nandini! Yeah, she's concerned abt the support for her kid's feet and hopefully they should be light. She's seen some by the regular sports brand and are shocked when she held them. Did your friends buy Stride Rite from Singapore?

Adidas and new balance! They are my Son favourites. It's light and usually in Velcro so it's easy for them to wear it themselves. Get them at outlet or during sales. Normally cost around $20 to $30 per pair.

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We love these two brands too and totally agree about the Velcro straps so they can put them on themselves! And yeah to more outlets shops and sales!!!

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Skechers? Light and long lasting. 1 years plus and Still going strong. And she love wearing this, it's very comfortable for her. Do Note she is very picky with shoes too. She run well with it.

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Nike and New Balance. Very stable and comfortable. My son has been using this brand ever since.

My kids favorite are sport shoes from Nike and adidas! You never go wrong with these 2 brands!

inexpensive shoes are okay they learning to walk and entirely stable, Stride Rite, Nike.

Try New Balance, StrideRite, Sketchers, works great for my baby with support