bottle feeding with breastmilk

Asking for any advices how can i reteach my son to feed on a bottle...when he was 3 mos old he knew how to.. but now his turning 5 mos on March 4. He doesn't want to feed anymore ,i need to because ill be working very soon..i feel stressed because i keep on saving milk stash for future use but ending that my son doesn't want to consume

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Two things to consider: 1. Nipple confusion - is the nipple of the bottle soft just like your nipple? 2. Did you taste your stored BM once thawed? Is there a sour, rusty taste? I experienced the same thing. Under further investigation, he didn’t like the thawed BM because it had a rusty taste to it (Lipase). Although still normal and healthy for the baby. Some babies don’t like the taste.

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2y ago

There's no such thing as nipple confusion, it is more like flow confusion.

I used Avent eversince...are there other brand compatible to avent bottles? Yes i think its nipple confusion coz my thawed breastmilk dont have that rusty taste, stll tastes like a fresh milk .. Tried cup feeding just now with my handexpressed milk.. at first he hurriedly consumed it..then maybe he got irritated because of its slow flow..

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2y ago

Thank you sis... If got extra cash will buy that.

Thank you for this info...