post natal emotions

Apparently, my 20 days old bby cried murder the whole night yesterday. Im a ftm. My mum help me with my confinment and take care of bby in the day time and go back home when hub reaches home at 7.30pm. 15mins from the time mum went off till 10pm bby didnt stop crying. Milk given, diapers checked, swaddle done, burped ok, cradle him, hug and cradle, tried every way, so basically all checked out ok. I started crying uncontrollably, overwhelmed with the situation as it nvr happened. I thought i was a bad mum, not knowing what bby wants and what he needs. After hub saw what i was going thru, he called hismum and my mum over. Bby was crying till 1am. I was still so emotional ,not knowing what bby needs/wants. How do u overcome this similar situation? Do u feel that u weren't good enough?

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