I need opinion from husbands. At the point when incident happened I was 37+4weeks preg, having very bad cough and running nose for 2 weeks, unfortunately, #1 was down with 38-39 deg fever too. Hub would be having 2 days event on the next day Sat and Sun at 9am. Last fri, hub had a gathering with his 2 sec frens over dinner. He said he would be back at 10pm and will also buy me supper from the place they had dinner. However, 10pm he called and informed that the kitchen was already closed. Honestly, at that moment i was rather disappointed as he was there how could the staffs not notifying customers that the kitchen was closing? I replied nvm forget it then and hang up the call. He knew i wasnt happy about it. At about closed to 12mn, he was still not back and no msg from hub, i asked where was he, and he replied "boat quay". Thereafter we didnt contact anymore. That night i was in contact with one of the fren's wife and she informed that her hub was home at 1+am. However, at 3+am i still didnt receive any msg or neither was hub home. I was really angry with his irresponsible actions for nt informing and continued drinking with his fren. But i went to slp instead of continuing waiting for him. Woke up at 530am i called hub's phones(work phone and personal phone) both didnt pick up, i also called his fren's, didnt pick up too. I called 3x on each of the phone. The only time i received hub's msg was at 11am. "Dear, i went back parent's place to slp, fren called a valet and i followed him back to parent's hse." Since Fri till now, hub didnt apologise or talk to me, and i know he didnt feel that in any ways he was in the wrong. Cox this is not the first time he is behaving in such manner(mia, not informing any of his whereabouts, not feeling in any way he was in the wrong) What's your take, daddies?

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There're 2 types of men in the world; either dumb ones or act dumb. *roll eyes* for ur case I think ur hub is act dumb. Obvious he pretended the kitchen is close so he don't have to come home by 10pm+ I don't think he has a Mistress but jus a dumb man's ego thing. When the Bro wants ur hub to chiong n drink he must comply if not he's henpecked. Obviously he's at fault be it u preggy or not I find communication is important in marriage, it's good that u didn't restrict him in meeting n drinking w his friends then he must have the decency to tell u his whereabouts! No communication, no trust; no trust, no love. I suggest u talk t him nicely how u feel see what he says.

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5y ago

Does I think help if u tell him t think in ur shoes. Tell him the worse senario, ur water bag may suddenly burst n u in pain until can't move, n if he's not around or uncontactabke it poses danger t you and baby. Scare him a little bit?

sorry but as a very paranoid person with serious trust issues, i would most probably think he has a mistress outside.

Have you lay down the facts of the incident to him? If you don't say anything, he certainly won't apologies. He can't read your mind =x

5y ago

I won't say that is the normal behavior but he can't read your mind.. He might have his own version of story. At the end of the day one should not be convicted without hearing his or her side of the story.. That is fairness.

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he is in a wrong for sure. He needs to explain or at least UPDATE u. moreover you are 37+4 weeks preg! it's anytime for labour

5y ago

some guys are THAT hard headed. They always feel that they aren't in a wrong going out to enjoy with friends. You have to talk to him. Let him know. Ok, don't list out that you are sick. Importantly, your kid is sick, what if it warrants for an emergency visit to hosp? What if u suddenly got into labour? AND HE IS OUT OFF CONTACT? I been thru this alot. I always scold my husband over it. Not because i want to control him. Do it at the right time. Not when kids is SICK or when im DUE for labour ANYTIME

this is def too much. you are sick and heavily preg looking aft a sick child and he just don't care? :O

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This behaviour is not acceptable at all. I would call his parents to ask actually. 🤬

I will tell n show him that I'm unhappy n I mean business .

Talk to him about your unhappiness and see what he say

Delete him.