Anyone working from home? What time do you start in the day?

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I do freelance work - mainly marketing and content writing. I don't have a fixed schedule for my work because marketing is something that can be done anywhere, just need to think of the content! I send my son to childcare to get some social skills, so he's there by 9.30am. After that, I take my time to go to the gym before coming home to shower and have my lunch before starting any work/study (am doing self-study for a certification) - so probably 2-3 hours before I fetch my son back home? I try not to do my work when he's home unless it's urgent so I can spend the time with him instead :)

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my kids leave home by around 7:!5 in the morning, so after i have breakfast, i start working around 7:40ish. my work also involves a lot of reading, as well as planning and writing, plus edits, so these are things that i do pretty much a lot of the time, even when i am not officially really working. my work day almost every day begins at 7:40ish, and only once in a while if i have to do something else, i take a quick break in the middle of the day and get that sorted...

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I like routine so I pretty much start the same time I would normally do when I was working. I start at 7am and work till 5.30pm or 6pm with an hour's break for lunch. Sometimes, when I have errands to run, I'd give myself a half day's off so I start at 1130am instead.

Hey, it always helps if you start early. However it all depends on the routine of your family. Best time to work is either early mornings or late night as per a survey done by us at Qween. :-)

10 am - 6 pm. Make sure all of the work done within that period of time to avoid time with family disturbance from the office

I wish i can work from home *sigh*

9.30 am


9 am