request NPL/Sabbatical while TTC

Hi, anyone took NPL/sabbatical before while ttc? Can share how did u/ what is the better approach to bring up to bosses? Some context to share: I had 2 miscarriages before and the bosses know I’ve been planning for family…the 2nd time was quite recent. Bosses have been understanding & kind of expected my lower productivity during this grieving period. For this I am truly thankful. But tbh I really don’t find any job satisfaction at current job and have been considering to switch career for a new start - but I am mindful that changing a job while ttc can be even more stressful, hence I really can’t make up my mind😞 I want to take a break from ttc for now and just let my body recuperate. my tcm advised perhaps can start trying again in Q4…so now I just have this thought to stay at current job first…then request for NPL starting in Sept, probably for 5-6mnths, hopefully company will approve…my heart craves a mental break like RIGHT NOW but I am willing to endure for a while more till then. Bcos I really hope a stress-free lifestyle will help sustain my next pregnancy esp during the early trimester. Will I appear as an irresponsible staff for making such request? Any advice?😟

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actually have you considered that you're also getting alot of unnecessary bad work stress because your current job/work place is not a good fit for you in the first place? since you've already mentioned you have plans to switch jobs. instead of NPL, maybe you can consider taking a few mths break completely and then start looking for a new job?

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5mo ago

I am considering this too…but can’t make up my mind as I am also worry that new company or bosses will expect new staff not to get pregnant and go on ML within 1st or 2 years at job kind. then this will delay my ttc. I guess there is just too much what ifs in life…I appreciate your sharing your views though, thanks:)

do you still have AL left? if yes cannot use NPL

5mo ago

Yeap I know…but nobody would have 6 months of AL😅