Taking antibiotics while trying to conceive

Hi, anyone took antibiotics - amoxicillin and augmentin while trying to conceive and eventually manage to conceive and had a safe pregnancy? If yes, how long did you take to conceive after taking the antibiotics? In need of assurance from real life cases. If you’ve been through this experience, could you share with me? Thank you very much.

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Super Mum

(Sorry not a personal experience because I’m allergic to this) Augmentin contains amoxicillin. Are you taking both? This antibiotic is also given during pregnancy, so it shouldn’t affect you conceiving or having a healthy baby. Hope you’ll be sharing some good news with us soon ❤️

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1y ago

I took first course Amoxicillin followed by second course Augmentin cause eczema condition wasn’t improving after the first course. Hoping for good news soon too, thank you so much ♥️