Duphaston or morning sickness

Anyone taking Duphaston (abt wk6)? I’m currently on Duphaston and feeling very “unwell” especially in the morning. This feeling is like my stomach feels very acidic and I do feel quite nauseous and keep burping until I finally eat something. Not sure if this is due to medicine as it seems to start after I started this Med. If it’s due to this med, anything I can do abt it? (Other than eating more.. 😖)

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Duphaston may intensify all these symptoms. I take Duphaston from beginning to week 9. But my morning sickness is still manageable. Try to have small frequent meals. Don't wait until you sense hunger, because by the time you will feel very nauseated too. What I do is that I drink a glass of milk when I wake up as a pre-breakfast snack. Will have fruit or biscuit as afternoon tea. If your dinner is not late, probably u need light supper before bed too. Hope this helps you.

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me! I took the jab as well as duphaston from week 5 to week 7 now. having the same symptoms as u. having small bites help to curb nausea and acid in the stomach for me. etc nuts, cereal flakes, sour sweet, pork floss, Ribena with water, 100plus. any safe food that makes u feel better. I find that most impt cannot go hungry, it's a trigger of the nausea. when ever feel hungry just grab something that u can. it helps. other than that it's to rest / nap whenever possible.

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2y ago

Thanks! Yeah, I do feel that eating helps.. (Only thing I’m afraid of the weight gain!😰)

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Nausea,vomiting and GI upset can be the common side effects of Duphaston, but it can coincide with your morning sickness too. Sometimes the nausea might wear off as your body has already gotten used to the high level of progesterone in your body. No worries. :) Weight gain is unlikely unless it is for a long term, but it might cause water retention but you can alleviate it by reduce salt intake and drink more water. :)

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i was on duphaston since wk 5. 2 times a day. been taking for about 3 weeks. i felt bloating n nausea. you can try getting seaband, which help to reduce nauseous feeling. i find it very helpful. eat less oily food also

Maybe let your gynae noe? I was on duphaston previously on 3 times daily towards end of my first tri (had a tear), after that i was continued wif 2 times daily. Cant remember when i was stopped.. but i nv had such issues 🤭

my guess is morning sickness instead of duphaston as morning sickness peaks from week 8 to 10. i never had nausea issues when i was on duphaston.

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Personally i did not feel much of the side effects of duphaston. Its just mild nausea which is common pregnancy symptom

I suddenly feel “normal” or better today after waking up. Feeling all paranoid and worried. Anyone knows why?

The trick is to eat duphaston with or right after your meals so u don't feel so unwell :) i hope this helps you.