Pregnancy acid reflux or stomach problem

Anyone feel uneasy everyday on your stomach? Not sure if is acid reflux or bloated. Just keep burping after eating. Passing of stool also very smelly. Sorry I'm just comparing as before pregnancy i do not have this problem. Really wonder what shld I eat everyday to make my stomach reflux or air better. I already do not eat a lot. Eat 70% full only. How you all handle anyone same as me? Is like very hopeless feeling. Very upset.

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I’m having the same issue with you and it gets worse at my 2nd trimester. If I’m not able to burp after my meals, I’ll gag and sometimes even vomit out some of my meals. But that only happens if I eat a little more oily or a little more full. Maybe can try to separate the meals to smaller meals and try to eat something less oily, so it can digest better. But I found out that after meals, I’ll eat a mint or rinse my mouth with mint flavored mouth wash and it helps a little.

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2y ago

I’ve been taking bio drops from Guardian. It has helped to stop me from gagging for a couple of hours.

By the way how many month r u now? I just reach 18weeks.