Cant stop gagging when brushing teeth

Any mommy suffer from gag reflex when brushing teeth? How to make it better? Week 14 preggy currently

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i do still have this even at 24 weeks. still ongoing. it's normal. some experienced through out whole pregnancy.. for me i just have to endure. 😅

me too! my trick is to hum whenever I brush because I read somewhere that humming will ease nausea and for me, I tried it and it works!!

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I have gag reflex when I brush teeth, esp when I clean my tongue. I just endure it. It will be better as time goes by

At week 35 and I still gag. Nothing helps for me tbh. But you can try tips given by others to see if it works for you

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They need time to get used to it. Keep on doing it, they need to learn that reflex to get ready for solid

me too! I am week 12. everyday having this..I thought it was just me.

sometimes i will hold my breath esp when cleaning my tongue.

Use more natural tooth paste. Can get them from scoop

Try humming a song when brushing, it helps for me