Confinement food worries

Hi to all experienced moms, First time mom here and was wondering a few things for confinement. I do not have any help as both my parents and in laws are working. - When do you start confinement food? Do I order it for the day after I’m discharged or a week after? - how many days of confinement food is enough? 20 days enough? #advicepls #firstbaby #bantusharing #pregnancy

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I had prebooked more than one month before edd. the day I gave birth just inform the person to start xx days from delivery date as it depends when you will discharge. Natural could be the next day so you will only know then. i took 28 days package

u can start soon after u disharged. As for me my first 2weeks is crucial, subsequently den mayb i jusy ordered from grab some fish soups to go along with rice, den red dates longan tea and oranges. Must have a balanced & healthy meal.

I ordered 28 days lunch and dinner for confinement food. I started my meals 1 day after i was discharged as the hospital served me lunch on the day i was discharged too.

start from the day u back to home, standard practice is 28days but u can extend if u wish to