Difference between private and kk-private

Hi all May I know what is the difference between private and kk-private ? Thank you#firsttimemom

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I’ll be delivering at tmc and this is the maternity package pricing that you can take a look at to compare : https://www.thomsonmedical.com/birth-at-thomson/pre-admission/room-rates-packages/ The doctor charges vary depending on the doctor but for mine, a la carte consultation is $100 and ultrasound $80. Most private doctor does offer package as soon as you enter second trimester though. Mine is $820 starting second trimester that covers all consultation, ultrasound and urine dipstick of every subsequent visit. With the package, you are basically paying half of the a la carte price. Note that these all exclude delivery fees of the doctor. For natural normal vaginal delivery, my doc’s charges is ranging from 2.8k-3.8k. Hope these numbers help you better in the comparison.

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3mo ago

My tmc package was $725 + gst. Max 15 visits.

private (below 1k for consultation+supplement for N-number of visits) might be cheaper than kkh private (I'm already paying like 2k so far, feels very not worth because waiting time is very long and less flexibility to reschedule as compare to private private) also first time mum + I didn't do any research beforehand. but delivery fees and delivery suites charges, I dunno how different it gonna be

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Hospital charges might be different for kkh or private hospital (tmc etc). But if u were to say gynae checks it varies. I researched before and realise that both not much difference.

Private mean private hospital. Kk-private means gov hospital but private patient. Not subsidised. Medisave still applicable if you are eligible.

private more expensive

Can choose doctor