Anyone knows what's the market rate to hire a confinement lady at this period? I'm due in mid November. Or anyone has a reliable confinement lady to introduce?

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It's about $2700-2800 for the market now. Since your due date is in November and it is not a peak period the rate will not be more than $3000. I suggest you to engage CL through agency such as If you are not satisfied with the services of CL assigned, you can get free replacement for another CL. So this will save the hassle to find another CL yourself during confinement period.

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Not necessarily. If you look for a very experienced and popular confinement lady it can go up to $3000, or if you engage a Singaporean. I got mine from pem employment services for about $2300 with 2 free transfers.

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It's January and if you're due in mid November, does it mean you just got pregnant? Do go for an agency unless you have personal friends who recommend their confinement ladies to you.

You can look for my confinement lady, Auntie Li Hwan +60 16-774 5014. She is very experienced, and really ensures she looks after both mother and baby.

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hi junnie, how is aunty li hwan? u have any picture to share with me on her cooking n herself?

You can try Baby's Whisperer, their CL are trained by Thomson Medical. Safer to go through agency, anything there is a replacement.

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Can try agencies that offer replacements such as pem.

I paid $2.8k